Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Ya Mon! Practice Makes Perfect

We so lucked out on the stress-front during our wedding. As in, we had none :) The staff at Coyaba thought of everything. All we had to do was meet with them for an hour when we arrived (we turned over our decorations, ceremony layout, and determined the line-up) & that was it until the rehersal. I think the entire run-through of the big day took about 15 minutes. This was the first time that it really hit me - "Wow, I am getting married"!

Loved my JCrew seersucker dress. We added little loops to each side at the seam & I used a bright pink grosgrain ribbon as a belt for a little POP of color!

While we waited for everyone to get to the weddnig lawn, we all just meandered around together, took pictures, had a Red Stripe :)

Then it was time to line up. Places, everyone!

As Mama, Petey Quiche and I made our way down the aisle, I was suprisingly not emotional. & I am a very emotional person. I thought for sure that the waterworks would start - oh well :) Oh, I applied a generic cross-hatch photoshop filter to these pictures because they were blurry and looked bad (note, NOT from Ashley!) - but they are the only ones I have!

How artistic (haha)!

aaaaaand...the rehersal is over! Time for family pictures! I emailed Ashley in advance of the wedding because I wanted to make sure we got a few family pictures before the craziness of the weekend set in. A classic Quiche family picture is one where everyone is walking away from the camera, so we had to get one of those as well ;)

Up next - steel drums, a Jamaican BBQ, a bonfire & more!

The first 2 and last 2 pictures by Ashley Colhouer. All others by any one of our guests (or us!) :)

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Jen said...

Gorgeous pictures! (Love the fancy photoshopping - I'm still learning it myelf!)
The pop of pink on that blue dress just looks fabulous!