Monday, July 20, 2009

Ya Mon! Getting Pretty

After a thoroughly relaxing morning of yoga, food & swimming, it was time to leave the beach :( to get ready for the wedding :) Mr. Quiche and I were very blase about seeing each other the morning/early afternoon of the wedding. I certainly wasn't going to stay sequestered in our room all day, and neither was, we just decided to hang out together!

But alas, it was time to leave everyone partying it up on the beach. I was glad to get away to shower and relax for a bit before all of the girls descended on the room to help make me pretty :) I originally planned on having one of my bridesmaids (Laura) do my hair in a simple low bun. I decided that morning to have someone from the spa do my hair, as it allowed Laura more time to hang out and get ready. I didn't want to stress her out! Luckily, Coyaba was on top of things & a stylist was sent to the room around 1. Perfect timing!

After one trial that was a huge FAIL, my hair was done! I liked it, but didn't love it. Did I really care that much though? Nope. :) The dark bobby pins kinda sucked & little curls kept escaping all night. It was nothing that my bridesmaids (& later, Photoshop) couldn't fix!


While I was getting my hair done, my bouquet arrived...with a purple ribbon around the stems. Nothing against purple, but it was definitely not one of our colors, so my girls took care of demolition and rebuilding. NOTE: I brought down supplies for every possible scenario - & I ended up needing to use almost all of them!

Then they got to work on the flower girl baskets. Originally, covered in white satin ribbons & bows. Final product - adorable saddle stitched navy ribbon! This ribbon managed to pop up everywhere...I love it!

At this point, I realized that I was STARVING & THIRSTY! So, Ned (another favorite Coyaba waiter!) came up to the room bearing delicious flat bread pizza and multiple bottles of champagne!


Next up, make up. My incredible should-be-a-make-up artiste friend repeated what we had practiced in February & it was perfect!! Thanks Karrie :)

I did my under-eye concealer. Not that that is even remotely interesting, but I love this picture with Philip (Ashley's hubby!)in the background!

Before I stepped into my dress (which I am so excited to post about, by the way!), I needed to make sure that my late night dress was ready, in case I decided to change during the reception. I am an ironing FREAK, so the fact that I busted out the iron on my wedding day suprised no one :)

& finally, a toast to a perfect day!

Next up, the dress!

All pictures, unless noted by a *, by the rockin' Ashley Colhouer.

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