Sunday, May 31, 2009

Are all "Thank You"'s Created Equal?

As the post-wedding days fly by, I realized it's about time to design, think, write, address, stamp & send thank you notes. Seem overwhelming? Even typing all of those steps out makes me start to sweat and panic. & I only have a fraction of the "normal" amount to send.

In the past, I've divulged my love for Dear Abby & Margo. No B.S. advice handed down to you daily. I also love Annabel Manners, etiquette and advice for the preppy girl in me. While perusing her site (& justifying my LOVE and expense for a LWD - little white dress), I came across this service - "That's Gratitude" - personalized, handwritten thank you notes. Done by someone else.

insert break here :)

I have to admit, I can see how this service is appealing to some brides. The wedding is over. The excitement, anticipation and energy that propelled you through all-night DIY sessions is OVER. Also, it's possible that YOU are over the wedding. Done. & the thought of writing out 200 thank you notes makes you want to grab a bottle of wine, hope under the covers & curl into a ball. This service could be for you - I mean, no one would know (unless said note is sent to your parents/siblings/best friend/etc. In such cases, pull out a pen, people!).

I've received many different kinds of thank you notes over the years. Short & simple. Long & personalized. One of my best friends from college who had an incredible, 400 person wedding sent out a photo thank you - a picture of them on their wedding day with the same printed out thank you message to everyone. & I loved it (and would have done the same thing!). As a guest, it honestly does not matter to me what kind I receive. Yes, I gave the gift...but it really isn't about that at all.

I know there will be a lot of varying opinions on this, and I welcome a healthy discussion. How do you feel? Would you honestly care if you found out your friend used a service like this to "write" her thank you notes?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My mom & I

(For Avo's photo challenge!)

Always supporting me - literally, as an infant...emotionally, as an adult.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Yeah Mon! Back to Reality

Hello Hive!

Long time, no see. Wow, what an incredible few weeks it has been in the Quiche world. I'll just start of with one thing for today - WE'RE HOME!

(Umm...can I give some MAJOR love to our ridiculously fabulous photographer, Ashley Colhouer (& her equally awesome hubby, Philip!)of 13:13 Photography? Not only do we have AMAZING pictures because of them, but we also came away with some pretty sweet friends to boot! Can't get much better than that! xo!)

Our wedding was a truly unforgettable event/day/weekend. We couldn't have asked for anything more. We were surrounded by the love of our families and friends and BOY, did we have a BLAST!

Zip-lining, catamarans, beach bonfires, great food, RELAXING (what a concept during your wedding!), music, dancing & "I do's"...I can't wait to share it with all of you!

(Not to mention an incredible Ireland honeymoon...)

More to come SOON!
MRS. Quiche :)