Sunday, May 31, 2009

Are all "Thank You"'s Created Equal?

As the post-wedding days fly by, I realized it's about time to design, think, write, address, stamp & send thank you notes. Seem overwhelming? Even typing all of those steps out makes me start to sweat and panic. & I only have a fraction of the "normal" amount to send.

In the past, I've divulged my love for Dear Abby & Margo. No B.S. advice handed down to you daily. I also love Annabel Manners, etiquette and advice for the preppy girl in me. While perusing her site (& justifying my LOVE and expense for a LWD - little white dress), I came across this service - "That's Gratitude" - personalized, handwritten thank you notes. Done by someone else.

insert break here :)

I have to admit, I can see how this service is appealing to some brides. The wedding is over. The excitement, anticipation and energy that propelled you through all-night DIY sessions is OVER. Also, it's possible that YOU are over the wedding. Done. & the thought of writing out 200 thank you notes makes you want to grab a bottle of wine, hope under the covers & curl into a ball. This service could be for you - I mean, no one would know (unless said note is sent to your parents/siblings/best friend/etc. In such cases, pull out a pen, people!).

I've received many different kinds of thank you notes over the years. Short & simple. Long & personalized. One of my best friends from college who had an incredible, 400 person wedding sent out a photo thank you - a picture of them on their wedding day with the same printed out thank you message to everyone. & I loved it (and would have done the same thing!). As a guest, it honestly does not matter to me what kind I receive. Yes, I gave the gift...but it really isn't about that at all.

I know there will be a lot of varying opinions on this, and I welcome a healthy discussion. How do you feel? Would you honestly care if you found out your friend used a service like this to "write" her thank you notes?

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