Friday, July 17, 2009

Ya Mon! Jamaican Mornings

Sorry to keep bragging about how stress-free, laid back, cool calm & collected I was at the wedding :) Trust me, EVERYONE can accomplish this with a few easy steps - a hot cup of coffee, a hammock, a walk on the beach, a splash in the water, a sandcastle and some yoga. Do this every day for 5 days & I guarantee* that you will feel relaxed as well. The Jamaican Mornings were some of my favorite times of the wedding weekend. Luckily, amazing Ashley was there to capture these unforgettable moments - she was everywhere!

Guest Photo

It's also nice to bring some friends along with you. Why shouldn't they enjoy the mornings as well?

Guest Photo
Especially those who may or may not be Buckeyes, but are willing to "O-H-I-O" with you early in the morning to take advantage of the sun!

Some took a morning nap, some played in the sand.

Guest Photo

Most of my mornings were spent on a beach chair with coffee in one hand, a book in the other. At 9 a.m. sharp every morning, it was time for yoga! We are lucky to have Mr. Q's cousin, Glennie, who is a yoga instructor as well as a videographer (can't wait to show you the results of that!). She lead us in yoga each morning, on a deck overlooking the sea. There is nothing more peaceful than this.

Properly stretched & perfeclty relaxed, we then sauntered off to grab breakfast...

Copy & repeat for 5 days for ultimate relaxation.

How did you stay relaxed leading up to your wedding?

*There are no guarantees in life...but I fully believe in the power of "turning off".

All photos, unless noted by Ashley Colhouer.

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