Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ya Mon! The Dress, The Dress, The Dress!!

Besides little snippets here and there, I've never "formally" introduced my dress to the hive! I found my dress on the first (and only!) day of dress shopping, about 14 minutes after we got engaged ;) Mama & Sister Quiche Nen were in town for the Sheffield Garden Walk weekend & they suggested looking for dresses. I had a few dress in mind that led us to two random, strip mall bridal stores on the NW side of Chicago (you can see those horrid results here). At the second shop, I ended up throwing on a Watters WToo dress that looked cute on the hanger. Once I had it on, we all instantly fell in love with it! It cost around $700, so we bought it on the spot :)

This image, found after shopping, made me fall in love with my dress all over again!

I love the slim, floaty-ness of the dress. It's very dainty & feminine, and I love those touches as well. The flowers and leaves (which sounds strange, but look so pretty) in illusion tulle seem to float on the dress. I knew I didn't want a big, poofy this ended up being perfect for me!

While I could have easily put this on by myself (& did many time while walking around the house. What? I know you did it, too!), it was nice to have these pictures of my mom helping me. There's only a zipper back there - I loved the ease of it.

You can also see my Muscari hair flower here.

Playing around, pretending to be a model :)

I try to be smoldering & sexy...and it NEVER works for me. Smiling is much better, thank you!

Then, it was time for the veil & to walk down to meet Mr. Quiche for our first look!

This thing was like a claw! Thank goodness, as the Jamaican breeze turned it into a sail that could have ripped it out of my hair (& almost made me take flight on more than one occasion) ;)

Selfishly, three of my favorite shots from the entire wedding...eee!

And there you have it! I am so glad this was a painless, fast process. How long did it take you to find your dress?

All pictures, by the oh-so-fabulous Ashley Colhouer.

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