Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ya Mon! Crewcuts Model (aka, Boys Getting Ready)

I know I said I'd post about my dress next, but I just had to share these incredible pictures of the boys getting ready. Mini Quiche A stole the show with his smoldering Blue Steel and deserves a spot in the next JCrew catalog. Don't you think?

Mr. Quiche had so much fun getting ready with Mini Q. How handsome are the Quiche men?!

Mr. Quiche ended up buying a new suit about 1 week before the wedding! He wasn't crazy about the way his original suit fit, and this was after multiple trips to the tailor. We decided to invest the money in a new suit that ended up fitting him perfectly after only one trip to the tailor! Shew. His fun tie was a suprise find at Macy's one day - it's by Kwame (remember him from the apprentice?!).

We bought Mini Q's suit on ebay & the seersucker tie from JCrew Crewcuts. I think the tie cost more than the suit. oops :)

Boys Getting Ready wouldn't be complete without the requisite Red Stripe. Or 2, in GM R's case!

The thought of our wedding video makes me giddy. I cannot wait to see this thing because trust me, it will be INCREDIBLE! Cousin Quiche David was also shooting the wedding, and I am sure this footage of GM B-Fresh is priceless! Oh yeah, Red Stripe & Appleton Rum from the OOT bags! I told you there would be a Red Stripe in almost every picture!

GM P offered up his suite for the day - how sweet :)

As I was walking outside, I heard cat calls coming from above. I tossed a quick glance over my shoulder as all the guys were outside - this moment couldn't have been planned any better than this. It was priceless!

& finally, after all of the shenanigans were over, the boys were dressed & Mr. Quiche was waiting for me at the end of the pier :)

Next up - dress (I promise!), then our First Look!

All pictures, by the oh-so-fabulous Ashley Colhouer.

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