Monday, July 6, 2009

Choppity Chop!

Yes, I succummed to the P.W.C. Otherwise known as the Post Wedding Chop.

I love it! I was SO tired of my hair by the time I cut it, so I am in heaven. It is the perfect summer style - so light and fresh! It doesn't hurt that Mr. Quiche loves it, too :)

I have been wanting to chop off my hair for quite awhile now, but waited so I could pull my hair back for the wedding. I also wanted to donate it to Locks of Love - but my stylist told me that I couldn't! I was suprised. He told me it was because they no longer accept blonde hair, which didn't sound right to me, but how was I to know? So, away it went with the sweep of a broom. I checked Locks of Love website & it doesn't say anything about not accepting blonde hair! :( I am so sad that I wasn't able to donate it.

With Sister Quiche Nen

So, did you fall victim to the PWC? Have you ever donated your hair?

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Jen said...

Your chop looks fabulous!!