Sunday, January 11, 2009

"When I design a wedding dress with a bustle... has to be one the bride can dance in. I love the idea that something is practical and still looks great." - Vera Wang

I didn't plan on getting my dress as quickly as I did. In fact, I bought it so fast that I didn't even wait to try on my original frontrunner:


I went dress shopping at Nicole Miller with Bridesmaid C (for her wedding dress) before Mr. Quiche and I were engaged. Granted, it was only a month before he popped the question, but how was I to know? I didn't want to "jinx" it (even though, deep down, I know there is no such thing). So, this beauty (with a deep pink border) stayed on the rack while C picked out her gorgeous gown.

Mr. Quiche. Stop. I don't even want you to see me in the discarded gowns. Do not press "Read More". Merci et je t'aime!

3 weeks later, Mr. Q and I are engaged & my mom and sister are in town. We had shopped non-stop for 2 days & really didn't have any plans for Saturday. They suggested dress shopping and I readily agreed! I had tirelesly searched for the wedding dress of my dreams, and only ended up with 2 that I really liked (okay 2 that I really liked that weren't a fortune). I gave myself a budget of $650 & still felt like that was too much.

The 2 gowns that I liked were both by Alfred Angelo. Their store locator lead me to two different non-descript bridal salons on the far northwest side of the city.

See how easy, breezy she is in this gown?


So, you can see the style I was going for - strapless, fitted, casual-ish. The first salon had one of the gowns, and I really did love this dress. I almost bought it and left the store right then, but Mama and Sister Quiche talked me out of it:

We found a dress similar to my second choice, but...not so much. It hit at a weird place on my calves & just wasn't very flattering in general:

& you know you love my sexy brown flip flops, yeah!

We also found this one on the final sale rack. It was only $200 which piqued my interest...:

...but we all felt like it gave me alien boobs.

I tried on a couple of others that aren't worth posting, then we piled in the car and headed further west. This strip mall bridal store made me a little queasy (literally) - the lighting was harsh and all of the pink and mirrors made my stomach turn. I tried on 2 dresses, hated them both. Then stepped into a flowy, feminine little number that was NOTHING like what I had pictured for my wedding dress. Not strapless. Not fitted. But perfect.

I am really, really hesitant to show any pictures of it because I am being old fashioned & not letting Mr. Quiche see it before the big day. I don't even want him seeing any of the pictures in this post! I worry that he'll be too curious and look. Let me obsess over it a little longer, then I'll decide.

So, dress shopping done in a day. How about you? How long did you look for your wedding dress?

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