Tuesday, January 13, 2009

"Decorating is like music...

...harmony is what we constantly strive for." - Charlotte Moss

My vision for our wedding hasn’t really strayed too far from my initial concept– regardless of location, I knew that I wanted to blend a casual yet preppy vibe. And now that we’ve decided to get married in Jamaica, we’re throwing in the tropical aspect as well.

Tropical + Casual + Preppy = somewhat of a mess.

Tropical & casual, yes. Casual & Preppy, yes-ish. But Tropical & Preppy? When I think “preppy” I think country club, but I’ve discovered that it doesn’t have to be that way.

Enter Quiche Wedding: General Inspiration Board #1.

source 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9
Well, would you look at that! Tropical + Casual + Preppy = Perfection!

Chicago or Jamaica – I knew I wanted navy blue bridesmaid dresses. Remember, I ended up finding the perfect preppy dress from target.com (for $39!). I also love that blue and white seersucker suit for the boys, but it may be just a bit too preppy (for them, at least!). These preppy-fied duds will look beautiful with the pinks and greens of the garden and grounds of the hotel. Our flower decision is still up in the air, but no matter what, they will be bright or deep pink.

As for the casual factor, that is a given for the entire weekend. We want our wedding to be a fun celebration of love, family and friends. & a combination such as that oozes casualness in our world. No formal fussiness allowed! We want to have FUN on our wedding day (what a concept!). What we don’t want to do on our wedding day is sweat the small stuff. It will be somewhat challenging for me, as I am a worrier by nature, but hopefully our thoughtful planning leading up to the big day will eliminate much of this for me.

But again, for the most part, we’ve stuck to this same vision from to get-go. What about you? Has your initial inspiration for you wedding remained the same, regardless of time or location?

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