Friday, January 30, 2009

To Style the Aisle

One area where we are lucky enough to save money? Ceremony décor. Our ceremony will take place on a lawn that over looks the beach and turquoise sea.

photo by moi

We don’t need to mess with nature too much to have a gorgeous ceremony. However, I can’t help wanting to design the space just a little bit. Enhancements, if you will.

Enhancement Part Un:
I love the look of flower pomanders hanging from shepherd’s hooks. I can picture them swaying gently in the breeze, a delight to the eye :) I figure we’ll only need about 4 on each side, since our aisle won’t exactly be the length of Bryant Park runway. I found pink (fake) pomanders at JoAnn’s the other day $10 each, 40% off, so I bought two of them & plan on snapping up 6 more. I worry about them looking fake, but honestly, I don’t think ANYONE will know. Bonus – they can be plopped on a tall drinking glass on the bar, tables, etc. for more “free” decorations.

A similar fake pomander – looks real to me!

Enhancement Part Deux:
The “altar” is a bit bare. A popular option is to place floral arrangement at the corners and center of the arch, but we are both tall & I have daymares of our pictures coming back and us looking like we have flowers sprouting out of the top of our head. I know it sounds silly, but the thought is still there 

I really love the look of simple, yet beautiful, garlands hanging behind the altar. I bought a branch of little white flowers the other day & I am going to make a few strands and see how they look. This would be a cheap and easy (my kind of DIY) way to spruce it up. Should I worry about the breeze & tangling, though?

These chuppah floral curtains are gorgeous, but I am thinking of something a little simpler…little flowers spaced with fishing line.

Enhancement Part Trois:The aisle. Given the exorbitant rate of flowers from our resorts “preferred” vendor, I highly doubt we will end up with the thick blanket of flower petals that I am envisioning. My mom and I talked about staging a middle-of-the-night renegade operation on some bougainvillea bushes that grow like weeds along the highways, but…maybe not the best idea?


Mr. Quiche mentioned that he wanted an aisle runner, but I am unsure of aisle runners on grass?! I feel like it would be a stumble waiting to happen.

Have you ever walked down an aisle runner on grass? How did you dress up your aisle?

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