Wednesday, January 21, 2009

It’s a nice day for a…WHITE Wedding*

(*I love you, Billy…but let’s not get too carried away here!)

It wasn’t until I started stalking wedding blogs that tablescaping even crossed my mind. I am now obsessed. Obsessed! Like most weddings I’ve been to, I figured we’d just have your typical white linens, plates, floral centerpiece & voila! the table is set. Oh, how very, very wrong I was.

Our resorts' receptions are white. White, white, white & I can’t. stand. it.

How I long for pops of color or prints!

Yikes…perhaps not THAT print.

Okay, they also have a sage green option, but it really isn’t our style. Or color.

So, let me backtrack a bit. They do offer some colors and some prints, but they are limited and not even close to what we want.

Enter Tablescape Inspiration Board #1:


I love woven ribbon table runners (not those colors), but have no idea how it would executed on the day of the wedding. & my OCD will want them all spaced evenly. Are they sewn? I've seen some DIY tutorials, but haven't watched yet (oops). I also thought about draping strands of capiz shells down the tables (& wonder if these would be easy to make?).

I'm not a damask bride, but I love that table runner in the first image. Image #2, from Anthropologie, is actually a roll of wallpaper. That could work as well, right? In a different color scheme, of course.

The chair covers are also (suprise!) white. I am going to get tulle for chair sashes. I am considering making navy and deep pink tulle sashes...Or using one color for the sashes, then making the tablescape the other color. AH!

Mr. Quiche is pretty much open to whatever I decide (as long as it looks nice & doesn't send me over the DIY-edge). I am going to head to the fabric store this weekend to play around with some table runner ideas. We’re having a Valentine’s Day brunch, so I may test out a few different ideas (in reds & pink, of course) for that party. I’ll post the results after!

How have you handled breaking up the white monotony? Do you have any tablescape inspirations that you can recommend (and are travel-friendly)?

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