Friday, January 23, 2009


A recent question posed to the feisty Dear Abby (sidenote: I *heart* Dear Abby. And Margo.) got me thinking about dietary lifestyles and wedding receptions.

DEAR ABBY: My daughter and future son-in-law are being married this summer. They are both vegans, and are planning a vegan dinner for their reception. I thought it was a very cool way of showing what different types of vegan dishes could be planned, but I'm getting grief from my husband. He thinks it is "selfish" of them not to offer a meat dish. I couldn't disagree more.
I told him I think they are right, but that I'd write to you and ask your opinion. It will have no effect on their reception, but I'd like to quiet things down on the home front. -- FUTURE MOTHER-IN-LAW

DEAR FUTURE M-I-L (Abby even knows the wedding acronyms - she is so with it!): This will be your daughter's day, not your husband's. I'm sure the food they offer will be not only delicious, but also sufficient to satisfy the guests, who may not even realize they aren't being offered meat.

If your husband is concerned about what will be served, he should eat before going to the wedding. Please tell him I said so, and let him chew on that.

I'm a vegetarian (Mr Quiche is not) but it never occured to me to have a vegetarian reception. However, I have to agree with Abby on this one. If the couple wants to have a vegetarian wedding feast, then that is what they should have. Unfortunately, they don't delve into the details of who is paying for what, etc., which may muddy things up a bit.

Same goes for alcohol - for a couple who doesn't drink, should they feel like they have to have an open bar (or a cash bar, for that matter)? Again, I think it is completely appropriate for the couples lifestyle to dictate the reception, should they so choose.

Does you reception reflect your dietay lifestyle?

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