Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Ya Mon! Strike a Pose: The Bride & Groom

Doing the First Look allowed us plenty of time before the ceremony to take pictures. We really had a blast sneaking off to different areas around the resort & taking fun pictures. And besides, we didn't want to miss the entire cocktail hour ;)

Since Red Stripe was flowing like water all weekend, we thought these shots were apropros.

Mr. Quiche doesn't really like to have his picture taken, but I do, which is why there are more solo shots of me than him :)

Then we headed off to a secret garden tucked beside the tennis courts

I love sun flare shots, as does Ashley, so we took a ton of pictures like this! My "pose" looks so forced in the other though, so I'll just show this one.

Okay, enough of the lovey dovey shots already! Time to have some fun with color!

We love this picture so much that it ended up on the invites for our Ohio reception (more on that later)!

So cute, right?!

We then had to pull ourselves away from each other and get ready for the ceremony

Mrs. Quiche: "I do" Mr. Quiche: "I do". Sweet! Time for a few more pictures! & look at that - the sun is setting, making for some warm, happy pictures.

The must-have feet shot. I kinda wish we had one of the fun, bright sandals/argyle socks shots...but I didn't have fun, bright sandals and Mr. Quiche wore brown socks & his old Kenneth Cole shoes (which were taken off immediately post-ceremony), so a barefoot shot it is!

I love the look of the moody blue sea in the background of this picture.

& finally, another kiss for my groom :)

Again, thank you for making it through all of our posed portraits! I promise to return next week with cocktail hour, our entrance, the reception, etc.!

All pictures by Ashley Colhouer.

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