Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ya Mon! The Reception Begins

With portaits and cocktail hour complete, it was time to head to the tented deck to start the party! I was so lucky to have my friend Lisa introduce the bridal party for us. She knows everyone in the party...and can pronounce their sometimes complicated names ;) Thanks Lis!

As "All You Need is Love" (the Lynden David Hall/Love Actually version, a nod to our engagement) started playing, the kids made their way in...

Followed by GM B-Fresh and Bethany, drink in hand & dancing away :)

What a lucky guy, escorting in two of my Chicago girls!

GM R and the Sisters Quiche had a choreographed entrance that stole the show. Double twirls, dips, kisses, the whole shebang!

& finally, Mr. & Mrs. Quiche. I just love this picture of us!!

After we were settled and our food was served, and Mr. Quiche changed into Groomsmen garb, it was time to delve into the speeches. I've mentioned before that (try as I might!) I had a really hard time crying leading up to & during the wedding. Which is a shock, because I am a total, 100%, tried & true SAP! Needless to say, our Best Man's speech brought on the waterworks. He is our biggest supporter & is always rallying around us. I appreciate his friendship so much.

His speech inspired a slew of more speeches, which made me the happiest bride. I absolutely LOVE SPEECHES. The more, the merrier!

I am a painfully shy person, especially when it comes to any type of public speaking. Mr. Quiche is the exact opposite & shines on stage. He speech to me, our families, my friends, & to each of his groomsman was, simply, perfect. It ranged from quirky and fun to sweet and romantic. sigh. I love this man!

"...as you may know, her family loves anything that can be dipped or scooped in a chip or piece of bread..."

"...and lastly, and most importantly, my wife, my bride, the love of my life & partner in crime..."

"...tonight I consider myself the luckiest man alive because I have married my best friend..."

(this is one of Mr. Q's favorite pictures. I have to say that I agree with him!)

"...Mrs. Quiche, I love you! We truly are 'Better Together'"

I will treasure these quiet moments from our reception more than any other part. Being surrounded by such love is exhilarating!

All pictures, unless noted, by Ashley Colhouer.

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