Thursday, August 6, 2009

Ya Mon! The Ceremony Continues

Mama Quiche is my best friend (in addition to Mr. Q, of course!), so there was no doubt that she would take part in walking me down the aisle. I've known Stepdad Quiche (hereafter referred to as Petey Quiche, because it's more fun) since I was a lanky teenage, running cross country. Yes, my mom married my cross country coach :) He has made her very happy, and is always looking out for us Quichey women! I was honored to have him walk me down the aisle as well (& he may or may not have cried when I asked him, but SHH! don't tell him I told you that!).

What't that you see in the first picture? Does the veil attach Petey Quiche this time? I think it did! :)

My laid back attitude about the wedding made me not question the Jamaican trio that we had performing during the ceremony. Can you believe it never even crossed my mind as to what they may or may not be playing? I guess I figured it would be something instrumental, but imagine my suprise when they busted out with a rasta reggae version of "Here Comes the Bride". Not a fan of this particular song, it was still pretty hilarious!

I count myself very lucky and blessed that my family and Mr. Quiche all love each other so much. There were some serious hugs going on when they handed me over to Mr. Q.

As the sun started to sink into the horizon, the ceremony began.

I made the decision early on that I wanted to write our ceremony. We were provided with the stock ceremony from the resort which, while lovely, just wasn't "us" at all! It was very important to me that our ceremony and veils reflected who we are as individuals, as a couple and as a family. I still have people today tell me how beautiful the ceremony was, and I am so happy with my decision to write it.

We were so lucky to little Miss S participate in our ceremony as well. She constantly amazes me (& everyone, including her parents!) with her insignt and wisdom. It is sometimes hard to remember that she is only 12, so we had to make sure our reading was appropriate for her to read. Nothing too gushy or adult. I've always loved "I Carry Your Heart with Me" by e.e. cummings, and she read it beautifully.

All the while ROCKING that Juicy Couture dress & gladiator sandals. What a budding fashionista (okay, her mom made her wear it :) she doesn't like dresses)!

This was also marks the FIRST time I cried the entire weekend. People, I am an emotional sap...but I just couldn't cry no matter how hard I tried (you know, those special moments where you're "supposed" to cry & just can't!).

In writing the ceremony, I wanted to have a moment that included the Mini Quiches. Not only to have them feel included in the ceremony, but to also make vows together, as a family. Talk about making everyone cry! After a blessing from the pastor, we all said our famiy vows together - I will never forget that moment.

Then it was time for Mr. Quiche and I to say "I DO"!

In a Jamaican wedding ceremony, the couple and their witnesses sign the marriage certifcate before "You May Kiss the Bride" can happen. I was anxious to lay one on Mr. Q, but followed the rules and signed on the dotted line :)

Mini Quiche A always wants to know what's going on! :)

FINALLY, some kissing!!

May I now annouce, for the first time ever, Mr. & MRS. Quiche!

Petey Quiche's reactions to this are PRICELESS, and deserve their own play-by-play - don't you think?!

After everyone made their way back up the aisle, we were met by the awesome staff at Coyaba for celebratory Red Stripes and Rum Punch. YUM! It was then time for fun wedding party pics...and cocktail hour!

All pictures by Ashley Colhouer.

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