Monday, August 17, 2009

Ya Mon! Flowers & DIY Detais

Before I finish up my recaps with the reception, Faux-to Booth and (an awesome) TTD, I thought I'd share our details with you that I didn't get to prior to the wedding. What better way to show them then complete & in action?

My tray of goodies :)

A loooong time ago, I talked about flowers. I thought of DIY'ing my and the bridesmaids bouquets using a local wholesale distributor. I must admit that I am glad that I opted to leave this one to the pros. Well, part of it at least. Our wedding package included a bridal bouquet, but we would have to purchase (quite pricey) bridesmaid bouquets. After seeing the quality of Mrs. Tulip's orchid bouquets, I decided to order a pink orchid bouquet from Save On Crafts. I liked it & showed it to a few different people who couldn't tell they were fake & decided to run with it. They were $7.99 each.

I semi-DIYed these by wrapping the stems with pink ribbon and securing with pearl straight pins. Now see the bouquets in action!

I opted for an all pink orchid bouquet - there was no additional cost for this :)

My bouquet had its own little photo shoot the day after the wedding. I was so sad that I couldn't take it home with me! Picture by me.

What is that pretty blue sparkly number? Why, it's my something blue! The always lovely Mrs. Perfume suprised me with this gorgeous vintage brooch as a little wedding gift. It was perfect because I didn't have a "something blue" yet & I knew this would fit right in with our scheme. sigh. I love Weddingbee! You rock, Perf!

Next up is my big ol' DIY hair flower. I threw this together a few weeks before the wedding using a deep pink peony from Ikea. I had the blue beads leftover from a necklace project 4 years ago (see Mom & Mr. Quiche? There IS a benefit to never throwing anything away. I saved at least 50 cents.). I layered the petals with fuschia tulle, stiched it all together with a clip on the back & viola! a Big ol' hair flower that I wore for our TTD.

Picture by me

& lucky you! A TTD teaser :D

And finally, our aisle decorations (you may want to hold on to your chair for this one). These were also a semi-DIY that we haulded down to Jamaica with us. I found the pomanders at JoAnn's during their post-Valentine's Day sale for $4! The shepherds hooks were also a JoAnn's find at $3 each. I tied them into our theme with leftover navy ribbon for a grand total of $7 each. Considering the local florist charged $40 for a fresh pomander, these already constructed faux florals suited me just fine.

2 more floral projects to go! These are projects that I shared with you before the wedding - floating petals for the aisle (an up close shot by Sister Quiche Nen) and the flower girl flip flops.

This post goes out to all of you who gasp at floral quotes. There is a reason that wedding flowers are so expensive - it really is an art. If you're looking to save money in this part of your budget, don't lose hope! There are many ways to achieve an outstanding look without an outstanding budget.

Are you semi-DIYing any of your flowers? Are you opting for faux vs. fresh (or a combination of both)?

All pictures, unless noted, by Ashley Colhouer.

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