Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ya Mon! Srike a Pose: The Family

Weeeee're back with more portraits - this time, it's all about family. I don't really have anything witty or even remotely interesting to add to this post. Sorry! Without any further ado, our families...

First up, with Mama and Petey Quiche

I had to get one with just Mama Quiche :) What can I say? I am a total mommy's girl! I wouldn't be where I am today without her.

With the Sisters Quiche next...

Too formal, let's try this again!

Now this is more like it :) As the middle child, Sister Quiche Sis (on the left) is ALWAYS in the middle of every picture we take...and we take lots of pictures, trust me. Anyway, I totally got to steal her space! Thanks for giving it up this one time, sis!

Who are we missing?! Oh yeah - Mama Quiche, get in here!!

Then it was time for pictures with Mr. Quiche's mom! MIL Quiche :) I think that's the first time I've ever used that acronym, by the way.

All together now..

All of the Quiche family kids love each other. YAY! I was so close with my cousins growing up & I love that they are all the same way.

I think my nephew was tyring to get the girls to laugh, what do you think? He is always cracking us up :D

Hi Philip!

Mr. Quiche, Mini Quiche A & J and I then snuck off for a little photoshoot of our own. May I present to you, the new Quiche Family.

Okay everyone, thanks for bearing with me (again!)!. Only one more portrait post, I promise! But, that one is a fun one. We played model and had a blast with Ashley & Philip...coming up!

All pictures by Ashley Colhouer.

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