Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Ya Mon! The Ceremony Begins...

Fresh from our first look, it was time for the ceremony to begin (we took some bridal party pictures before the ceremony, but I'll share all of those later).

I've been dying to show you how some of my DIY details made their way to the ceremony. As I've said before, the wedding lawn is incredible on its own, but I wanted to do a little "something" to dress it up a bit. It's hard to pick my favorite thing, but I love the way the "floating" flower petals look! I haven't even mentioned my pomanders yet, but the way they POP makes me sooo happy!

gorrrrrgeous, no?

And here's the "before" shot, gorgeous as well!

Okay, where were we? Oh yeah, the wedding ceremony! I was squirrelled away to Mama & Stepdad Quiche's room while our guests took and seat & everyone else lined up and began their ascent to the altar.

Using the DIY fan/programs!

The boys, assembled, & looking mighty fine.

guest photo

guest photo
Peeking out behind the lovely Miss P.

Now it's time for those gosh darn cute kiddos!!

Do you think Mr. Q is starting to get nervous at this point??

& finally, time for the bride!

Next up, Ceremony Part Two!

All pictures, unless noted, by Ashley Colhouer.

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