Thursday, April 2, 2009

One month!

That's right, our wedding is one month away. I don't even know where the time has gone! Luckily, things in the Quiche wedding planning household have been smooth sailing!


I have one of those daily desktop calendars at work, mine containing a French phrase for the day. Looking ahead & hoping to find one about love on or around our wedding day, I came across this phrase for May 1st: "J'ai perdu mon passeport" AKA "I lost my passport". And for the day we're flying out "Je n'ai qu'un sac de cabine" AKA "I only have carry-on luggage".

2 things that BETTER not happen to us (or our guests!). Mr. Quiche and I were actually talking about passports this morning. Something to the effect of hoping that certain guests actually have them. Yes, it's a foreign country (& it's on our wedding website...which no one looks at, BTW), but we are still worried that some people either don't have them or won't think to bring them. We are planning on sending out an information email the week or so before the wedding, kind of like a newsletter of times, activities, etc. But, it will be too late to remind people to make sure they have a passport.

Should I send a reminder email to everyone, or do you think that seems too...I don't know...belittling?

As for the other phrase of the day: luggage. Originally, we were flying Air Jamaica who isn't on the pay-to-check-a-bag bandwagon. In fact, they are a throwback to the days of checking 2 bags for free! Mr. Quiche and I were excited to load up our largest suitcases with all of our goods. Then, our coordinator told us not to be "obvious" that we're having a wedding, because customs in Jamaica have been known to try to weasle money out of people by claiming they are trying to sell items (especially bulk ones - like OOT bags, favors, etc.) for a profit. So they "tax" the crap out of you. Then, Air Jamaica decided to cancel all Wednesday flights. We found this out while I was in Paris last week. Mr. Quiche to the rescue, however, and we are now booked on (cheaper!) flights on American. Who has the luggage rule.

What to do, what to do! We are planning on spreading out the wedding goods amongst a group of people in order to not get harassed in customs. The white garment bag that contains my dress will "surely set them off", according to our coordinator. Do I stuff it in a potato sack?

So everyone, I guess this turned into a trials and tribulations of a Destination Wedding post. We are not discouraged, though! And I consider myself to be very lucky to have such a smooth wedding planning process. Even with one month to go & things to do. Lucky.

If you had a destination wedding, how did you handle going through customs?

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