Sunday, April 26, 2009

DIY Dual Purpose Programs

So, Jamaica in May? Yeah, it's HOT. I wanted to have either a fan or a parasol for each chair, but needed something that (again) was easily transportable. Considering that our multiple suitcases are already bulging at the seams, parasols were eliminated. I saw these fan/programs that I liked (but again, they are a little too bulky for our suitcases!):


I loved the layout and wording of Mrs. Cherry Pie's programs, & (with her permission, of course!) decided to use hers rather than recreate the wheel. Sure, people could just hold on to the bottom of these and fan themselves, but I wanted something a little more. I found butterknife fan handles online, experimented a bit, and came up with the simple idea of multiple layers of cardstock and a handle. Brilliant!

Like our menus, the programs were super easy to construct (and pretty much follows the same steps!)

Design, print and cut your programs. (Ours our double sided: one side lists a thank you to our guests - thanks Mrs. CP...I just couldn't think anymore!... as well as lists our family and attendants. The other side is the order of events for the ceremony & lets our guests know to remain on the lawn for passed hors d'ouerves and cocktail hour.) Then line the back 4 sides with double sided roller tape and stick to the backing color of your choice. We had a lot of pre-cut, leftover stock from our invitations, and designed the program to fit on top of it with a 1/4" border.

Mr. Quiche came up with the brilliantly simple idea of using stock tape to adhere to fan handle to the backside of one of the cardstock sheets. I had glue - oops!

Next, line the back of that piece of cardstock (and run a line down the handle for good measure!

Plop the other piece of cardstock on top & voila! a Dual Purpose Program Fan easy, breezy cool!

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