Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Bridal Shower & "Bachelorette Party", Round 2

After having an incredible shower/party weekend in Ohio a month ago, I count myself as being doubly blessed to celebrate with my Chicago gang as well last weekend. Chi-bridesmaids Nic & Andrea made the journey to Ohio with me, and along with my other best, best friend Chi-bridesmaid Carrie, another incredible weekend ensued.

I feel like I say it all the time - and I'm going to say it again - I feel so lucky to have such an amazing group of friends and family! Ohio-bridesmaid Beth and Sister Quiche Nen travelled to Chicago on Friday, which just made the weekend even sweeter.

Saturday started off with with...wait for it...picking up my dress from the tailor!! YEAH! But, you'll have to wait only a few short weeks to see it :) Rest assured, it is PERFECT. We even had time for Beth to hit up the salon, Nen to hit up Sweet Mandy B's for cupcakes, and me to hit up the gym before getting ready for the shower. With all of the activity, it really was such a relaxing weekend!

BM's Carrie, Nicole & Andrea set up the perfect shower for me - High Tea at the Ritz Carlton. I love tea (and let's be honest, who doesn't love a tiny sandwich?).

Before we left - Mini Quiche J, Carrie, Me, Bethany & Nen

I loved the living room-style set up. With a larger group, it made it feel much more intimate.

Customized menus :)

Tiny sandwiches!

Champagne toast (thanks Anu!)

Mini Quiche J :)

After the shower, a group of us headed back to our house to get ready for dinner at Quartino, one of my favorite Italian tapas-esque spots downtown. It was a perfect "bachelorette party"!

Our friend (and groomsman!) B-Fresh was having a party that night. Mr. Quiche would be there, along with a lot of our other friends. So rather than head out for a wild night on the town, we instead opted for a wild night in, Chez Patel ;)

Thanks, DJ B-Fresh!

We brought the dance party with us.

Mr. Quiche loved that we were there with him...

What a fun weekend! I loved having my sister and Bethany here to celebrate. While they've met almost all of the Chicago crew before, it was nice for them to spend more time with people before we all meet up again - in JAMAICA!

Were you able to have friends from all parts of your life get together before your big day?

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