Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lovely Little Ladies (& Flip Flop Fun!)

There are lots of kids in the Quiche's world, and I can't imagine our wedding WITHOUT kiddos running around. Mini Quiche A is the junior best man, and my nephew J is the ring bearer (you can see their duds here). So, that leaves us with the little ladies. Mini Quiche J and my niece B are our (adorable) flower girls. They couldn't be more excited! J, who isn't a fan of dresses (to put it very mildly) did NOT want to take this dress off over the weekend. She loves B and is just excited to be wearing matching outfits :) Thank goodness!

I bought the flower girl dressed the same weekend I bought my dress & when I already knew what I wanted the bridesmaids to wear. Mama Quiche and Sister Quiche Nen were in town & we popped into Gap Kids. Hanging on the wall was the perfect flower girl dress and we snapped them up! Plus, they were on sale for $21 - score!

The body is cream with a navy border on the top and a tropical print bottom. Well, let's let Mini Quiche show you!

Posing with Mini Quiche A (lookin' handsome in his newly tailored suit jacket! Too bad his eyes are closed :( )

It was still Easter around these parts over the weekend. The Greek Easter bunny brought some furry friends with him (her?).

I ordered headbands from jujinjess on Etsy (where else?). She was awesome to work with! I just told I wanted navy grosgrain with a pink flower & voila! there it was!

The girls are wearing simple, navy blue flip flops from Old Navy ($2.50!). But, I wanted to dress them up just a bit. Jujinjess to the resuce, again! I emailed her and she sent me 4 pink flowers. I told her my plans to hot glue them to the flip flops, but she advised against that (they can pop off!). So, I ended up "sewing" them (as you can tell, I had a very DIY-filled weekend). It was very easy.


I have my grandmothers old sewing basket, and I love using her vintage thread for projects :)

I used a double strand of thread and tied a knot one the end. Threading down through the top of the bottom layer of the flower worked best, as it hid the knot.

Then, I just wrapped it around one strap, up through a petal, around another strap, down through a petal etc. until it felt secure. There was no rhyme or reason to this step. Then I placed a dot of craft glue on the top of the toe strap, to hold the thread in place. And for extra security, shoved some glue under the flower as well.

Another easy DIY project completed!

Is your flower girl wearing a non-flower girl dress?

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