Sunday, April 19, 2009

Top o' the Mornin' to ya!

Happy Monday, everyone! Can you guess by the title of this post where we decided to go on our honeymoon? That's right - Ireland!

Mr. Quiche had an email alert that direct, round-trip flights on Aer Lingus were around $350! Cheaper than flying to L.A. from Montego Bay! We did some checking around and similar flights on American were just a little bit more, so we decided to book with them in order to beef up our air miles (score!).

We're flying in and out of Dublin, but are planning a trip through the countryside after a 2 night stay in Dublin. Mr. Q has a friend who travels to Dublin frequently and recommended The Westbury Hotel.

One of the gorgeous suites

View from the Gallery Lounge

After reading about the Westbury on their website, the hotel seems right up our alley. Cool, contemporary design right in the heart of Dublin and Grafton St. shopping and restaurants.

We have a rental car reserved to pick up after our stay in Dublin, and we will then take off (on the right side of the road - always interesting!) across the countryside. Due to time constraints, we are traveling around the southern part of Ireland. We want to start off in Galway, then head down the west coast towards Doolin, the Dingle Peninsula and Kinsale. We really want to stay in a castle one night, and night #3 will be spent Ashford Castle(click on that link. seriously. it's incredible.), just outside of Galway. There are a lot of activities from golf & tennis to the more obscure (for me, at least) archery, clay pigeon shooting & falconry (I'll stay FAR, far away from this one, due to my intense fear of birds).

Usually, Mr. Quiche and I are avid vacation researchers and have many things planned out - where to stay, what to do, the hot restaurants, etc...but planning a honeymoon while planning a wedding has left our plans to what you read above. Flights, a hotel in Dublin and a castle. Eeep! We need to get planning! Luckily, Mama Quiche & Step dad Quiche did a similar trip a couple of years ago. Mama Q is incredibly organized and efficient, weighing us down with her folders of locations, Michelin maps, driving directions, B&B suggestions (& phone numbers!), sights, etc. Plus 2 photo albums full of pictures with a running commentary of who, what, where and when. Score! Mama Q to the rescue :)

So hive, I turn to you. With limited days in Dublin, Galway, Doolin, Dingle and Kinsale - what should we do? We'd love any suggestions!

My other question is a simple one - where are you going on your honeymoon?

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