Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Where to Honeymoon?

Mr. Quiche and I love to travel. We've had many awesome adventures together - be it Italy or NYC - so it's only fitting that our honeymoon should follow suit. With the wedding in Jamaica, we are essentially going to be honeymooning, times 2. Yeah!

There were 3 major contendors vying for the spot of the Quiche Honeymoon, all very different, yet fabulous in their own way.

First up: Indonesia

Specifically, Bali. Ah yes, the magnificent isle of Bali. A place that Mr. Quiche and I have been wanting to go to, yet haven't been able to justify the expense (or time off) that it would require. What better way to see this beautiful part of the world than on your honeymoon? The Amankila Resort in Bali is breathtaking. We've had friends who've vacationed here and say it is the best hotel, hands down.


We love to bike, so beach time paired with a few days bicycling through the smaller villages would be a perfect vacation for us! Being able to really experience the culture first-hand, rather than through a windshield, is incredible.

To me, Bali is perfection.

Option 2: Santa Barbara, California

Santa Barbara (okay, and along the west coast in general!) is one of my favorite cities in the USA. Growing up in the midwest & visiting family friends in LA turned me into a "California Girl" in Junior High and High School. I wanted nothing more than to go to college out west. Well, Ohio State must have been my destiny, as I never ended up making it out to Cali to live. My mom STILL says that she is shocked I never ended up moving there after college, as I bugged her CONSTANTLY about moving there all through high school. Sigh.

Wait, where was I? Oh yeah, Santa Barbara "mini-moon"! Even though our wedding is in Jamaica, we wanted to have a different getaway after the wedding. Fly from Montego Bay to LA on Sunday, then rent a car and drive to Santa Barbara. In order to treat ourselves to a little luxury, while still maintaining a budget, the Four Seasons is offering a "Buy 2 nights, get the 3rd night FREE" deal. Score! Since we are taking off a lot of time for the wedding, we could just take a quick jaunt out west for a quaint little "mini-moon".


Option 3: The Emerald Isle

Ireland made it's way to our potential list later in the honeymoon planning game. An email alert led us to check out some unbelievably cheap airfare. I've never been to Ireland, and neither has Mr. Quiche. My mom and stepdad went there a couple of years ago & loved it!

Their trip consisted of flying into Dublin, staying for a few days there, then renting a car to tour the Irish countryside. The idea of (like Bali) seeing and experiencing the countryside with the locals is very appealing to me! I want nothing more than to saunter up to the bar at a little pub, order a pint of Guiness & a basket of chips, and listen to the band perform. Driving the west coast of Ireland is breathtaking- rolling green hills, cliffs, the sea. Not to mention the history!

Honestly, all of these are equally appealing to me. So, which did we choose? You'll have to wait & see (okay, I won't make you wait THAT will be my next post!)!

Did you have trouble narrowing down your honeymoon location?

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