Monday, April 20, 2009

Mmm...Food. (& an Easy DIY Menu tutorial!)

With a Jamaican wedding, a Jamaican menu is a must! Our all-out Jamaican feast will be happening on Friday night (I'll write about that soon!), and the menu for the reception will focus on tropical flavors as well as personal favorites of ours. While we didn't have a specific tasting during our "research" trip in October, the food we did eat while there was delish. No tasting = no pretty food pictures, so I'll give you our DIY menu tutorial instead!

First, design and print your image on your paper of choice. We used white linen paper, as we did with our invitations.

Again, like our invitations, we used the same header but swapped the colors since we are backing these with bright pink cardstock.

Next, trim the menus down to size. We printed them so we could get 2 per page.

After the menus are cut to size, it's time to choppity chop the backing cardstock. I measured it out so there is a 1/4" trim of pink on all four sides.

And finally, run a line of adhesive along all four sides of the white cardstock (the back side, of course) and stick it on the pink cardstock. We just eyeballed them, and they turned out great (although I did have to raise my eyebrows a couple of times at Mr. Q and his centering techniques. No worries though, we just pulled them apart and re-stuck 'em!)! I had a great photo-op of Mr. Quiche on the menu assembly line, but he wouldn't let me take it because he "didn't like what he was wearing". Men.

Tropical, Preppy, EASY menu!

As you can probably read in the pictures, here is our reception menu:

Jamaican Crab Cakes
served with sweet corn salsa and
papaya tartar sauce

Prosciutto & Melon

Sugar Cane Skewered Chicken Breast
with Coconut Glaze
Grilled Tilapia with Mushrooms, Spinach
and Carrots in a Chardonnay Sauce

Vanilla Sponge Cake with Raspberry Filling

Choosing the menu was quite simple, as was constructing them. I bought 50 sheets of 100# pink cardstock (on sale!) for $8.99. The white linen paper is leftover from our invitations, so the cost has already been absorbed there. The biggest splurge (if you can even call it that!) was on the Duck brand roller adhesive. We bought them at varying places, paying $7 for one, $5 for another, and $3.50 for the final one. $24.49 for 40 menus = 61 cents each. Not bad!

Does your menu feature local flavors?

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