Friday, February 6, 2009

Who are “they”?

Snippets of lyrics from Tim McGraw’s song:

They say not to have too much fun
They say not to get too much sun
Democrat, Republican
I guess I'm screwed, I'm neither one
Don't say 'hell', say 'what the heck'
Do what's politically correct
Don't pray in school, but have safe sex
Isn't that what they expect?...

Well I wonder if they've got a life
A broken car and two ex-wives
Do they drink beer on Friday night
I wonder if they like to fight
And I wonder if they've got a soul
Or if they like their rock-and-roll
Where do they live, I've got to know
So I can tell them off
Or where to go

Who are they?
Yeah you know what they say
Who are they?
Someone I gotta pay
Who are they?
And I don't care anyway
Who are they?

So who, exactly, are “they”? I see so many posts on the boards asking is it okay to do this or that - and it’s completely legitimate – I too have asked myself some of those same questions. Kara321 recently asked “Can you throw your own engagement party?” Soon2BeMrsC asked “Too Late for an Engagement Party?” (I certainly hope not, as ours was 5 months after our engagement!). Here we are, just into the honeymoon phase of our engagement and we’re already wondering if we’re doing something wrong? Supporting fellow brides decisions seems to be a general consensus amongst the board – it’s one of the reasons I love this site as much as I do.

Of course you can throw your own engagement party. Have a 1 month engagement. Have a 3 year engagement. Have 7 bridesmaids and 4 groomsmen (me!). Walk yourself down the aisle. Wear colored shoes. Hell, wear a colored dress if you so choose! Have a full bar. Have a cash bar. Do the hokey pokey AND turn yourself around! But what you shouldn’t do? Worry about what other people may or may not think is tacky.

I am really not a bitter bride. But I guess I just like to make my own rules. It’s the one day where you can do WHATEVER the hell you want…so do it! Your wedding should reflect you, not them.

So, who are “they”? Emily Post? Love you for your manners & general etiquette, my dear, but times have changed (& thank goodness!). If you want to dance and swing your arms around like “swinging ropes”, do it! Shout! Switch yourself this way and that! Boogie down, brides!

What have you done that “they” would shudder at? (Okay, another thing you shouldn’t do? End your sentences with a preposition. Oops!) :)

Sorry, I couldn’t resist a picture of Tim. *Swoon* I mean, he wears Rock & Republics! So do I! It’s fate, Edward, that’s what this is!

p.s. sorry for all of the !'s and "____"'s and (___)'s. I was on a roll this morning :)

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