Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Where did you go for lunch today?

Me? I went to Nordstrom. It is a blessing and a curse that I cross Michigan Avenue two times a day, practically tripping over Nordstrom. Day after day, I've resisted. I walk right past, head held high as I think of the precious pennies tucked safely away in my bank account.

Until today.

I caved. Gave into my weakness. Lost my backbone. Whatever you want to call it.

But, I am now the proud (soon-to-be) owner of the elusive BCBG Applique dress; Color, ivory. I plan on changing into it for the reception.


They didn't actually have the dress in stock, but they had the same style in black for me to try. Once clipped, I swear this dress was made for me! It was too big, so I placed an order for 2 sizes smaller...only to be told that it wouldn't ship until April 16th. I leave for Jamaica on the 25th, so my fingers are crossed that this sweet, sweet lover will be in my hands in time. (*sidenote - if you happen to own said dress in a size 2 & need to give her a new home, PM me & I'll be glad to take her off of your hands. Thanks!)

I've been doing so well, DIY'ing and saving money on this wedding. This expense seems a little excessive, but I've justified it to myself in many ways (that's just what I do). First off, I'll wear it for the reception. Second and third, "At Home" receptions. I've had to fight off the voice in my head that sounds strangely like one of my best friends saying "but you never wear anything twice. Let alone something that will be photographed on more than one occasion".

But, I SWEAR I will wear this dress at least 3 times. & that's like, what, $133 a spin? Now THAT, I can justify.

Do you have any expenses that you didn't orginally plan on buying, yet figured out a way to work it into the budget?

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