Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Lookin' (& Feelin') Good!

In the interest of looking my best for the wedding, as well as for everyday health in general, I've been a more conscious of my daily routine. There are a few things that I would like to concentrate on in the spirit of staying healthy and toning up.

The #1 area I am toning? Arms. I was a competitive swimmer & looking back at pictures from then? WOW. My arms were sculpted. Not bulky, as I have very long arms, but seriously toned. While my gym has an 50m pool, chlorine does NOT agree with my dry skin in these bitter Chicago winters. The 100 Push-Up Challenge seems to be pretty popular around here (& is great for those who don't belong to a gym). I, however, can only do 6 "real" push-ups. I've been doing a minimum of 40 "girlie" push-ups after every cardio workout (30 minutes on the eliptical), so am readying myself for the real challenge. I have another easy tricep toning exercise that doesn't require going to the gym. I use a 5 pound weight for these, but if you don't have these, pick up a bottle of wine! No, not to drink your sorrows away - It's the perfect shape to fit in your hand & is a great weight for toning! :)

After having trouble trying to explain the steps, I found these great instructions:

1. Pick up a dumbbell with your right hand.
2. Lean forward, keeping your back flat, and rest your left hand on a bench (or coffee table, at home!).
3. With your palm facing in toward your side, bend your right elbow until your upper arm is parallel to the floor.

4. Extend your arm behind you, keeping your upper arm and shoulder immobile, your elbow close to your body, and your abs engaged.

5. Return your arm to its bent position.
6. Repeat. When you’ve done a set, switch to the other arm.


A healthy diet is important to everyone, but can be especially beneficial for stressed brides-to-be. Proper nutrition keeps your energy level high and muscles maintained. Fad diets, fasting, diet pills, etc. can be dangerous and pointless, as it isn't logical that you can maintain that weight post-wedding. I feel it's best to come up with a healthy, EASY plan that can fit into your everyday lifestyle. For example, if you are a carb-whore (such as me), cutting out carbs is the silliest thing you can do! You'll only want them more. Everything in moderation, right? (Moderation, heh. 100 Calorie snack packs are great...until you eat all 6 of them. In one sitting. Not that I've done that or anything!)

Most people do not get their daily recommended amounts of vitamins and minerals. I started taking a daily Women's Multivitamin & noticed a big difference after a week, namely in the strength of my nails. So, I assume this outward affect is reflected internally as well, right?

My last bit of advice? Water. H20. L'eau. Agua. However you say it, DRINK IT.

What steps are you taking to tone up - for wedding & everyday - your life?

A lot of my information is credited to online excerpts from Cynthia Conde, author of "Bridal Bootcamp: Look Fabulous on your Big Day".

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