Tuesday, February 24, 2009

"J'ai deux amours..."

...Mr. Quiche & Paris...

France is near and dear to my heart. I credit going to University in Lyon for changing my life. I've always had a wonderful life, enjoyed Ohio State immensely, but embarking on a new experience in Europe is what did it for me. It turned me into a girl obsessed with seeing the world and experiencing new cultures. Mama & Sister Quiche Nen came to visit me & the travel bug bit them as well. Mama Q and I love Paris. We've gone back to visit since then & it's only fitting that we squeeze in one more trip to the City of Lights before Mr. Q and I take the plunge.

Mama Q suggested the idea after a few cocktails one night in December...

Me, Mama Q, Sister Quiche Nen, & might-as-well-be-a-sister-quiche Friend L

So the trip is planned and we take off in a month! My mom is truly one of my best friends and I cannot imagine life without her. She has raised 3 incredible women (I'm biased, though!) and I consider us to be so lucky to have such an amazing mom. We are all so close, we don't fight & we LOVE spending our time together.

Sweet Mandy B's...yum...

So, off we head to Paris. After a quick jaunt to Normandy, we plan on eating our way across the city, spending the majority of our time walking through the neighborhoods & visiting the small, tucked away cafes, bars, etc. We're always looking for new places, so if you have any suggestions - let me know!

Do you have any pre-wedding getaway trips planned?

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