Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Not your average personalized gift...

I love giving gifts that are uniquely personalized, but not outwardly so. Hints to a name in architecture, lovers initials "carved" into a tree...these have been my favorite gifts to give lately. They are perfect for a bridal shower or wedding gift.

As a lover of architecture, these photo wall art pieces make my heart go pitter-patter. I had all intentions of making one myself, camera slung around my neck...then decided to just leave it to the pros. Uncommon Goods has them in black & white or pop-artish color. There are more sites yet that let you pick through their library of letters so that you get the perfect "K" for your friends.

source: Wall Art
I like ordering the new couples last name, but you can have yours say whatever you'd like!

I am also obsessing over these dainty tableware pieces. I ordered the mugs for one of my best friends for her wedding shower last year. They were a hit among the guests! The incredibly talented Jessica Rust carve the intials and date of your choice into the little trees. Each mug is a different drawing of the same tree in Sping, Summer, Winter, Autumn.

A sweet set of dessert plates

Once I find a gift that I love, I tend to give it out multiple times. Do you have a fail-proof gift?

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