Friday, February 13, 2009

One HOT Photographer

Quite simply, I love our photographer. With this ridiculously amazing style, how could you not?

All pictures posted courtesy of Ashley Colhouer

Mr. Quiche and I went back and forth on photography for awhile – how much to spend, what style we wanted – and researched quite a few local Jamaican photographers. Honestly, we just weren’t that impressed with what we found. Our resort includes a paltry 36 shots with our general wedding package, and we thought we’d just rely on our talented friends for the rest.

Until Ashley and I found each other.

A little bit of background on Ashley and 13:13 ~ Boutique Wedding Photography: Ashley has been a fashion photographer for years, supporting local boutiques and models. She and her husband happened upon wedding photography only 3 years ago while shooting for a friends wedding and the rest, as she says, is history. "13:13" comes from the Corinthians passage, which was read at their wedding.

I love high fashion & high fashion photography. The fact that I could combine this with our wedding is the cherry on top. Plus, Ashley is just fabulous, period. We’re even Facebook friends now :)

I’ll let a sampling of her pictures speak to you – they are incredible. Completely our style (as Mr. Quiche says, “she kicks ass”.). I couldn’t say it better myself!


A picture like this would be perfect for our destination wedding!

I want to have details shots...

...and perhaps a few fashion shots as well!

Perhaps one of a dapper Mr. Quiche?!

I think I am one of the few people who LOVE posed shots where everyone is looking at the camera and smiling pretty (I'll let you know my reason why, soon). We are going to combine the two styles in what will be a perfect wedding package. I am so happy with our decision.

What are you looking for in a photographer?

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