Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Monogram and Invitation Design(er)

As you have seen, I DIY’d our Save the Dates. That lovely monogram didn’t come from me, however, and I wanted to let you in on a little Etsy secret: mtkdesigns.

For the graphic design challenged bride, an Etsy search results in a plethora of invitation designers. I have to admit that I thought working with a graphic designer was going to be out of our budget, but one of the first ones I came across was Karen of mtkdesigns. I love her simple, no fuss style. She also has a blog, so once I checked that out and viewed some of her past designs, I knew I wanted to hire her to design our monograms and invitations. And here is the best part:

Monogram design + Invitation design + RSVP design = $32. Yes, you read that right. Thirty two buckaroos.

I contacted her and bought the initial package. I emailed her my vision for our STD monogram (whimsical, tropical – but not hit-you-over-the-head tropical). She worked with me through several different versions until it was “just right” for us.

Versions #1 & 2 - We decided that the pink one was just too…pink. We loved the first one & decided to go with that. What an easy wedding decision!

She even humored Ted, who had the idea to do the monogram in the colors of the Jamaican flag. I have to admit, I liked the idea (props to Ted!), but ultimately wanted our Save the Date to reflect the colors of the wedding.

Once we shrunk down the logo to fit on business card sized paper, we realized it was hard to read our names and especially the date. She sent two more and we ended up choosing the one that aligned the date to the left. It was still too hard to read the number over the palm tree trunk!

Then all you do is modify to to fit whatever you're making and print if off on your home printer(yep, saving more $$). She is a DREAM to work with! I can’t wait to get started on our invitation and RSVP design!

p.s. mtk - you charge WAY TOO little for your amazing, creative services!

Did you end up finding a dream vendor or service that cost a lot less than you thought it would?

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