Monday, December 15, 2008

Will You Become...

I may be slightly biased, but I do believe that I may have the best proposal story. Ever (yes, biased).

Let me take you back to a gorgeous July 2nd… (it's long, but bear with me - it's worth it!)

Having celebrated our birthdays (they are 5 days and x years apart) the week before with a group of our closest friends, Ted had the idea for the two of us to celebrate on this particular Wednesday night – make dinner together, watch a movie. We both worked all day & around 4 p.m., he called and offered to pick me up from work. Excited that I wouldn’t have to slink into the underworld that is the Grand Red Line el stop, I said “Great – thanks!” We got home around 5:20 and Ted told me to just relax and read or watch TV and he would take care of making dinner. Once it was ready, I came out to a lovely cheese fondue (my favorite), a bottle of wine and candles on the coffee table. Just before we ate, he suggested that we watch “Love Actually”. Right, so this is my absolute favorite movie & one I tend to watch by myself, in the dark & cry (okay, we have watched it together before in the past, but Ted just doesn’t feel the need to watch it over & over & over). He started the movie instantly. It seemed a little early to start the movie, but I went along with it (side note – I fall asleep around 20 – 30 minutes into every movie that we watch at home & he wanted to make sure that didn’t happen!). We enjoyed our fondue and wine & Ted stopped at one point to give me my “surprise” (gift)…Guitar Heroes for the Wii! I became addicted to this game while visiting our friend in NYC, so was very excited!

I thought it was a bit strange that the sound was a little off from the lips & stranger yet that Ted didn’t spend an hour trying to figure out what the h*ll was wrong, as he would NEVER stand for watching a movie like that. Anyway, the movie continued & around the 93 minute mark, this is what we saw:

Incredible, right? Ted knows that this is my FAVORITE scene in the movie. I mean, come on! He is pouring his heart out to the woman he loves (but can’t have)! Ted poured his heart out to me (& luckily, he CAN have me!), we pushed pause and he got down on one knee in front of the couch. I said “YES!” and proceeded to cry for a good 5 minutes or so. We were so happy and excited :)

We then started to make rounds of phone calls to family and friends who shared in our excitement. Ted’s friend (and Best Man) R invited us to meet him out for a celebratory drink. He knew Ted was proposing that night, so surprised us by gathering some friends at Erie CafĂ© (where we had our first “real” date). My friend (and Bridesmaid) N and her boyfriend were at the theater in the middle of Sex and the City & when I told her, they left the movie to meet us – how great is that?! It was awesome to be able to toast to our engagement with our friends in the same place we had our first date!

I can’t explain how much it means to me - the thought, time and effort that went in to making this the perfect proposal for us. & we will have it forever (Ted also set up our video camera on the desk to get my reaction and the actual proposal!) Do any of you have the moment captured on film?

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