Thursday, December 18, 2008

Engagement Picture in the News Journal? Check!

Since I was a little girl, the first (and usually only) part of the Mansfield News Journal I would read was in the Moments of Life section - engagements, marriages, anniversaries. After leaving good ol' Mansfield, Ohio, my mom would periodically send me clippings of friends, ex-boyfriends who were getting married. Now living in Chicago & in the age of technology, I check their website weekly to see if anyone I know is celebrating a moment of life.

We just recieved the proof of our engagement story! It will be in the December 28th paper - I can now check this off of my "Life List".

p.s. Another item on my "Life List" that was checked off last year:

Running through a vineyard? Check! We "snuck" into a quite famous winery in Tuscany...shh!

Wedding realted or not - what are some things that you've checked off of your Life List?

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