Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Dance, dance!

Ted and I are such “music” people, that I don’t trust leaving the song decisions up to a Jamaican DJ. We don't want the same old song and dance (Electric Slide, Shout!, you get the point...).

The resort provides a Jamaican Mento band (I had no idea what one was, either!) as part of our general wedding package. I am glad that we’re going to have some Jamaican music for the ceremony, but I don’t want that to be the sole source of entertainment for the reception. As you may remember, the movie Love Actually played a major role in our engagement, and I want to find a subtle way to incorporate it into our ceremony. During the wedding scene, they walk back down the aisle to a crowd-participation version of “All We Need is Love”. I don’t know if I can get the guests to pick up a trombone and play along, but am hoping to find a way to have the band press “play” on my ipod as the ceremony is ending. It’s my goal to get this to work out!

There is also a reggae band that you can hire for the reception, but at $3,000 a night, it’s WAAAAY outside of our budget. Speaker and microphone rental are available for $150, so I think we’ve decided to have an ipod reception. This makes me happy because we can dictate exactly what we want to hear.

As we are also celebrating our family and friends, I thought of one way to honor our married guests during the reception – asking them what their “first dance” song was when they were married, and those songs can fulfill our slow dance portion of the night. I considered opening this up to everyone by putting song request line on the RSVP card, but ultimately decided against it.

Speaking of first dances, Ted and I have mad love and respect for Jack Johnson. I introduced him to Ted right after we started dating, and Ted was blown away. Jack’s played a big role in our lives, so we are dancing to “Better Together”. It should be…interesting…as it is slightly faster than a slow song, but not fast enough to be a fast song. We “practiced” the other day while standing in the kitchen, and let’s just say it wasn’t perfect.

Mr. Quiche claims it’s because I try to lead & I need to stop, but I beg to differ ;)

What is your first dance song? Are you having an ipod reception to save money?

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