Saturday, November 22, 2008

Did "Office Space" teach me nothing?

After FINALLY getting everything formatted correctly (I’m talking to you, Microsoft Word!), I came into work early to print off our Luggage Tag Save the Dates, incognito. Yeah…not so incognito when you a) can’t get the printer to grab from the Bypass tray for heavy stock b) decide to put the heavy stock in the regular drawer c) print off a test sheet successfully and then d) send all of them to the printer only to have them all jam up. In 4 different places.

Did I mention that I printed these on business card paper? So yes, every time I pulled on one of the jammed sheets, it would rip down the perforation. I had to perform minor surgery on the good ol’ Canon Q1 to get everything out. The last thing I wanted was for our IT guy to show up with “Kristin & Theodore” monograms shooting out of the printer.

Because I felt the need to be a masochist this morning, after the surgery I proceeded to try it again, this time one by one. With success, I might add!

Because I also feel the need to take projects one step further & therefore creating more work, I decided that a simple plastic strap would not do! I had the idea to loop ribbon (in coordinating wedding colors, of course) through the slot and just include the plastic strap in the bottom of the envelope in case anyone wanted to actually USE the luggage tag (& I secretly hope they do! I have this vision of suitcases lined up in the hotel lobby with our lovely tags on them…anyway…).

Incorporating my love of all things preppy, I found navy blue grosgrain ribbon with white saddle stitching (sound familiar?!) for this project. THEN I decided that I wanted bright pink as well, and found that in a smaller width to loop through with the navy.


THANK YOU bridesmaid A and dear friend L for joining the assembly line!

LOVE our whimsical monogram!

We set up the back to look like a "real" luggage tag, then modified to include the necessary details.

Packaging details:

I ordered small, navy metallic envelopes & DIY’ed the wrap-around labels (a post on this later!). The completed package required a 59 cent stamp which, apparently, a lot of post offices don’t have in stock. Keep this in mind. We thought about using Zazzle to make our own, but my antsy-ness trumped perfectionist & we went with this ridiculous cartoon man.

Hey, at least he’s wearing a lei, right? It’s tropical!

Back of envelope & label - also shows the envelope color much better!

I love our Save the Dates. Sure, they took a lot more time than I thought they would, but they were a labor of love & I couldn’t be happier with them!

I know I’m not the only one out there with printer &/or the demon that is Microsoft Word issues – right?

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