Wednesday, November 19, 2008

3 very important -ing's: Enjoying Wedding Planning

Sounds like a no-brainer for excited brides to be, right? Well, maybe not…
A little background on me – I work full time in the Chicago architecture and design world. I go to school part-time. I hold myself to exceptionally high standards when it comes to work/homework/etc. I have a finace and 2 soon-to-be stepchildren. I.E. I HAVE NO FREE TIME.

The majority of my time spent outside of work and classes is spent doing things for work and class. And I have to get A’s on everything or I beat myself up. This recipe does not bode well for the wedding planning ingredient.

Talking to my mom a couple of months ago, I was stressing about not having time to get homework done with trips to Jamaica planned (I know, cry me a river), Save the Dates to design and distribute, dress shopping, etc., etc., etc. As only a mom could do, she gently suggested that I consider taking off next semester from classes so that I could actually ENJOY planning my wedding. Knowing me, it would wind up being a burden on my already too-full schedule. (Did I mention that I planned our wedding for the weekend after finals? What? Yes. Crazy.) Anyway, she said to run it by Ted to see what he thought & he promptly added “I agree”. I have no desire to be a martyr and fully admit that I could not do it all.

I can't WAIT to have almost 5 months off from classes. I swear, it is the only thing getting me through this semester. It ends in one week & will be madness leading up to the minute I walk through the door on Tuesday night. Then I can spend my free time with 4 -ings: enjoying wedding planning & BLOGGING!

What I should be doing:

Quite like an inspiration board, no?

Don't get me wrong, I love what I am doing above, but this is what I WANT to be doing:

I'd rather be playing with these types of inspiration boards, but alas, a bride-to-be must also work :)

Does anyone else feel like wedding planning is a burden? What did you or are you planning to do to alleviate it?

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