Wednesday, November 12, 2008

How we met

Ted and I met at a party of a mutual friend in October of 2003. I wish I could say that it was love at first sight, however, this story does not begin that way. The truth is, neither one of us remember meeting each other.

Photographic evidence & evite responses proves the contrary, but needless to say, there were no fireworks shooting off in the distance (well, there might have been, but only because the Cubs finally made it to the Playoffs). We then met again at the same friends holiday party 2 months later. Again, it’s all a bit foggy. However, the following spring & summer we kept running into each other at various places around the city – Cubs games, bars after Cubs games (do you notice a pattern here?), SushiSamba, etc.

We finally had a real (read: one that we remember) conversation one summer night while Ted was on a bad date & I was with my (now ex, obviously) boyfriend. He decided that he wasn’t going to get swindled into paying the bill for his Date and all of her friends & left with us. Just to let you know, I am already 6’ tall and have no problem wearing heels to make me even taller. At the next place, Ted said to me “the only reason tall girls wear heels is to intimidate men”. Great pick-up line, no? We chatted more and I gave him my card (it must have worked). Granted, I was still dating someone at the time, but it was on its last legs.

We proceeded to email and meet for lunch over the following weeks. Once I decided to end it with the (ex)boyfriend, I sent Ted a text message, we went out the next night and the rest, as they say, is history.

*Cue fireworks*

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