Thursday, November 20, 2008

Luggage Tag Save the Date

While browsing a few random wedding sites, I came across the idea of using luggage tags for OOT bags. I LOVED this idea, and as we are putting “goody bags” in each hotel room, it seemed perfect. Then I had an even better idea & decided to use them as our Save the Dates. I had been working with a designer from for a monogram design & decided to have her make a couple of them - one that is more whimsical/tropical (STD) and one that is more preppy (invitation). We put the monogram on one side and the wedding information on the other side, set up to look like a luggage tag:

I wanted the tag to be clear on both sides & sturdy. I was having trouble finding one that wasn’t just a laminated business card or in a bulk lot of 500. Business card size was fine (trust me – DO THIS. & buy blank perforated business cards. It will save you hours of cutting), but I needed them to be cheap, but not LOOK cheap.


These were the cheapest tags that I could find that sold in lower quantities. Sure, we didn’t need 100 of them, but we ended up using at least half of them. If I don’t find another use for them, I plan on selling them on ebay or Weddingbee classifieds. The one drawback is that you have to buy the strap separately. Back in the day, I was an ebay queen & I found them for dirt cheap.

My next (& final on this subject. What? It was my first DIY wedding project - cut me some slack!) post will show the final steps and the completed tags.

Did you spend A LOT more time and effort on a DIY project than you had originally anticipated? Is this more of a rule than an exception when it comes to wedding projects?

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