Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ya Mon! Who Zip Lines before their Wedding?

We do!

Now, I am an extremely cautious person by nature. I don't tend to do anything that I feel might cause me any type of hurt. For example, when I was little I was in gymnastics. Fairly common activity for a little girl, right? Well, when "forced" to walk across the balance beam, I crumbled. Did I mention that the "balance beam" was essentially a 2x4 laying on the floor (as in, no distance between the beam and the floor). I was the awkward girl with long as* legs doing (very, very bad) eagle spreads and herkies on the trampoline, never a flip. And the list goes on.

So, when Mr. Quiche suggested that we go Zip Lining* a few days before the ceremony, I immediately said "no". I was more than happy for everyone else to go, content arranging OOT bags (let's face it - laying on the beach) by myself. Not only did I not want to perish, but what if I swept by a tree or something and ended up with a big scrape across my arm? Or face?? But, once Mama and Petey Quiche decided they wanted to go as well, I couldn't very well say no. Right?

Exiting the bus, not looking too thrilled.

Still not convinced - especially when I realized that a hook is all that is keeping me from plummeting to the ground.

Groomsman DJ B-Fresh steps in to help calm me down!

But Mr. Quiche saved the day with making me feel great & relaxed. How can you not be, when wearing such sexy gear?!

Everyone else, though, was having a blast! Trevor, our trusty guide, had us all rolling with laughter. I *think* he was thisclose to proposing to the superfabulous Bridesmaid Bethany. He was in love. Who could blame him?! :)

A montage of us, zipping away! Notice the happy grin on my face. This was a breeze, zipping through the trees with the azur sea in the background...

Easy, breezy Quichey came to a complete halt when the 3rd platform looked like this.

(sidenote: check out Trevor's fly shoes!)

Yes, you are seeing that correctly. A vertical drop. Literally, a rope going straight down and dangling. WTF? I didn't sign up for this! I honestly didn't think I was going to be able to make it down. My breathing increased as I looked for a make-shift heli-pad (that didn't exist. We're in the trees, Quiche!). Everyone else made their way down. I had tears. Mama, Petey & Mr. Quiche all waited for me to go down first, and eventually, I did.

Vertical drop? Check! The rest of the zips (and me!) were back to normal!

After hearing about our adventure, the later arrivals wanted to book a trip as well! They all had a blast :)

*So I realize, to some, Zip Lining isn't that daring or exciting...but to me, it was! eep!

So now, I have to ask: Did you do anything "daring" pre-wedding?

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