Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ya Mon! "Goin' to Jamaica & We're, Gonna Get Maaa-arried"!

And so begin the Quiche recaps! The task of sorting through & organizing all of our pictures into a coherent (and interesting) sequence of events is DAUNTING. We have the majority of our guests pictures, along with our photographers. Added up, we're looking at THOUSANDS of pictures. Thousands. eep!

Let's go back to a chilly April morning in Chicago. Luckily, Mama and Stepdad Quiche had been in town for a few days to help get everything sorted and packed. Packing was, well, interesting. I was still freaked out about going through customs with all of our decorations, gifts, flowers, and my dress. We divvied up all of the goods and handed them out to bridesmaids and groomsmen. Mama & Petey Quiche also lugged A LOT of stuff for us. Then, very early on Wednesday morning, we headed for O'Hare. Boarding was a breeze & we were on our way!

A flight attendant noticed my dress bag & upgraded us to first class! SCORE!

I think I slept for most of the trip. We ended up on the same flight as our friends from Virginia, so it was great to see them in the middle of the trip! Imagine my excitement, though, when seeing this out of the window:

The land, sand & sea...we're here, mon!

We hired a driver with a 15 passenger bus for the first few days of the trip. He did airport runs all day on Wednesday and Thursday, drove us to the store to buy the goods for the OOT bags, took us to our Thursday night adventure, etc. It was SUCH a good investment!

The first of MANY "YA MON"'s!!!

Ahhh....arriving at Coyaba. I was instantly at peace & excited at the same time. I mean, how can you NOT be, especially when you see this...in the parking lot!

And to top it off, each guest is greeted with a rum punch upon arrival!

Bridesmaid C and Groomsmen B-Fresh were already there with their families. It was great to see familiar faces when coming into the lobby! We were starving, so we had a quick bite to eat along with the first (of many!) Red Stripe. It's funny, I think there is a Red Stripe in almost every picture. oops! ;)

With Bridesmaid Beth - love my girl!

The food at Coyaba is delicious! Lots of veggie-friendly options as well, which was a big selling point for us

Happy to be in Jamaica with my friends and family!!

For those of us who were in Jamaica early, we all (well, I was in the minority of NOT wanting to do something that could potentially kill/hurt/scrape me, but I was vetoed!) wanted to do something adventurous together to kick start the vacation.

Mr. Quiche meeting with the concierge to arrange our next adventure...what could it be?!

I've missed you guys! It's great to be back & recap!

Ya Mon! Back to Reality

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