Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ya Mon! Reggae Sailing

*Disclaimer: I can't even describe how difficult it is to pick only a few pictures for these recaps! When I can't pick just one (or two), I'm going to start inserting photo collages. Not only do they look great, but you don't miss anything either! Thanks, Mrs. Quiche :)

We didn't want to burden our family and friends with organized activities (after all, this is also a vacation for them, not just our wedding!), but we wanted to adequately thank them for traveling to Jamaica to celebrate with us. By Thursday night, everyone was on the island and ready to party. We wanted to get everyone away from the resort for a bit to experience another part of Montego Bay. Mr. Quiche headed up this adventure - chartering a catamaran!

He contacted a few different places before settling on Chokey Taylor's Freestyle catamaran. As an added bonus, Chokey Taylor is also an awesome reggae singer...and his website is always a treat to peruse :) As a matter of fact, I recommend opening it in a new tab & listening to the music while you finish reading this recap!

Everyone left their beach chairs around 3 or 4 to start getting ready. We gathered in the beautiful courtyard at Coyaba, then took a couple of bus trips to the boat docks at Doctor's Cave Beach in MoBay. The weather was on our side & we had a gorgeous night for sailing. We decided to have a 2 hour sunset cruise with music, dancing, rum punch, & Red Stripe. Ya Mon!

The Quiche Women

With Sister Quiche Sis & my adorable niece and nephew - AKA one of our flower girls & our ring bearer

Does this girl know how to Blue Steel, or what?!

You can also charter daytime sails with snorkeling. That went against everything I was about that weekend - snorkeling (remember my cautious side? Yep, that includes swimming with the fishies & other undesirables!) and TAN LINES. So, that "forced" a sunset cruise.

Which was just fine with us! Everyone let loose and danced!

While a lot of our friends and family from across the country have met before, it was so nice to have everyone together in one area to get to know each other better. I loved seeing my Ohio girls hanging out with Mr. Q's friends, etc. We are lucky to have such great friends and family who all get along beautifully.

As much as I love photojournalistic pictures, I also LOVE posed shots where everyone is looking into the camera and smiling! :) A collage of smiling faces make me happy!

It was nice to see another perspective of Montego Bay!

Family :)

All together now!

I am so glad that we organized the sail. It was one of the highlights of the trip!

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