Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Very "Blue" Dinner!

Mama and Stepdad Quiche flew to Chicago 4 days before we left for Jamaica to help organize, pack, offer moral support, etc. They wanted to treat Mr. Q and I to dinner, so that Saturday night we headed to The Gage. We decided that we would give Mama Q her "thank you for being such an incredible mom and all that you've done for me and us and the wedding and everything else" gift that night. Sharing a love of Tiffany with me, yet never owning anything from the store, I decided to get her a necklace. For the past 2 years, Mama Q has been wearing this pearl necklace that I bought for her. It's a simple pearl on a champagne colored silk thread from Dogeared. The thought is that you're supposed to make a wish on your necklace & when it falls apart, your wish comes true (gag!)...however, my clever mother bought a spool of champagne silk thread and changes it as it starts to wear :)

In keeping with the dainty theme of that necklace, along with throwing in some Chicago love, we settled on the Bean necklace (I am not sure if this necklace has anything to do with the Bean in Milennium Park, but we decided to pretend that it does ;) ).

As soon as Mama Q read the first line of the card, she slapped it down on the table. We are a super emotional family, and the tears seem to fall when we're happy or sad.

Mr. Quiche then pulled out a flat blue box. Pour moi? Oui! I was so excited - this was completely unexpected. I tore open the box to discover a perfectly preppy, patent leather, Tiffany blue luggage tag. Oh, how Mr. Q kept with the luggage tag theme! Upon opening the tag, I see my *new* name listed & then I melted into tears :)

We commenced eating our appetizers and continued with great converstation. Then, Mr. Quiche pulls out another little blue box. I was confused - I had no idea what was going on! He then proceeded to hand me another box. This time with the words that this was my wedding gift, but he wanted to give it to me early in case I wanted to return it. Excuse me?! Return fabulous pearls? I think not.

Here they are, in action, at our rehearsal dinner:

Photo by Ashley Colhouer

Did you give a gift to your parents? If so, what did you give & did it have a special meaning?

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