Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Gifting our Guests

Having a kick-ass Out of Town Bag for our guests was high priority on our list. I mean, our awesome friends and family were travelling all the way to Jamaica to celebrate us, the least we can do is try to thank them with a few goodies :)

Letter and agenda for our guests, rum, waterproof camera, coffee, DIY CD, sunscreen and mosquito wipes!

One of our first tasks upon arriving in Jamaica was buying two local items: a bottle of Appleton Estate Rum & Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee. We had our driver take us to a slightly shady grocery store/bar/I don't know what, where we ended up bargaining down the price of the rum about 30%! Score!

All of the rooms at Coyaba are equipped with iPod hookups and CD players. In case people didn't bring the connector cord for their iPod (or don't have one), we decided to make CD's of our favorite island beats. You know what that means - lots of Bob Marley, Kenny Chesney & Jimmy Buffet. We made them the week before we left & they were a huge hit!

Our wedding monogram, decked out in the colors of the Jamaican flag, served as our album art. Ya Mon!

Set list!

FINALLY we were able to re-use those old CD jewel cases that have been laying around for YEARS, in the off chance that we *might* use them. Well guess what?! We did! Yay for getting clutter out of our house & not spending extra money!

We transported these down to Jamaica, along with Underwater Cameras, $1 suncreen from Target, mosquito wipes (that reeked!), and these awesome bags. I found them through Mrs. Lemon & they are a great quality bag for cheap, cheap, cheap!

We loved the Jamaican vibe of our OOT bags. Did you have OOT bags? Were they themed?

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Jen said...

What thoughtful meaningful gifts! Love it :)