Wednesday, March 11, 2009

How to get that wedding glow

Or how to NOT get fried during your destination wedding.

Or justifying all of the above in the simple act of vanity.

I’ll just come out and say it (& I know it isn’t a popular decision) – I have been tanning in preparation for our Jamaican celebration. (Now before anyone berates me for doing this, trust me that I’ve already done it to myself plenty of times.) I am pale. All year round. & I am totally fine with that. Let me start of by saying that, when in the Caribbean sun, I don’t tan – I red. Without a base color established prior to our departure, my only viable option to a) not fry and b) not get tan lines is to hole up in our room the entire time. No thank you! With or without a wedding, I am the girl on the beach with a huge floppy hat (no premature wrinkling for me, thank you!), SPF 50 reapplied obsessively every hour, under an umbrella. I love the sun & the beach, but I try to enjoy it responsibly.

Moving on. I think I’ve been tanning a total of 4 times in my life. Perhaps once before prom and a couple of times my freshman year of college (at a place where they only had a curtain across the door opening for “privacy”. Could be why I never went back?). So, I bought a package at Palm Beach Tan and have been pleasantly surprised with the gradual results. I’ll only go in for 5 minutes at a time because I do NOT want to get burnt. But I feel gradually stepping up the number of minutes over the next 2 months will give me a nice glow for the wedding day. I love the way I look with a tan & don’t want to be a ghost in my dress.

I am also a fan of Mystic Tanning. I’ve read about orange tinted horror stories, but I’ve always had great success with them. The thing is, they fade after a few showers. Couple that with plunges in the pool & sea…and that tan would be long gone before “I do”. Mystic Tan is a great option for brides that want a nice glow for their wedding day, I just recommend that your try it out a few times before the big day.

A Mystic'd Quiche & always-"tan"-due-to-lovely-olive-skin'd Mr. Quiche

Rest assured, dear friends, my tanning sessions will halt by the end of April. I can honestly say that I will never lay down in one again. Plus, I won’t have to deal with the orange, snarky saleslady who looked at me like I had two heads when I answered “SPF 30” to her question about what tanning lotion I was using :)

I do NOT advocate UV tanning! It is just a temporary, personal decision. Thanks!

Are you doing things for your wedding that you might not do otherwise?

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