Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Ya Mon! Faux-to Booth Fun!

Early on in our photography meetings, our awesome photographer and I both professed love for photobooths, lovingly dubbed "Faux"-to Booth ;) We went back and forth on wheter to hang fabric or use a white screen, but we ended up with something better!

The Caribbean! When the sun sets in Jamaica, it gets dark. Fast. There isn't ambient light, which in Chicago makes me feel like the sun never sets. Pure black - a perfect "backdrop" for our faux-to booth.

Picture ranged from the normal, happy, smiling the funny, wacky faces.

Our friend Sasha hangs with my niece and nephew - they LOVED him :)

Love the pomander booty shot!

Lisa & Andrea goof around with our "props" (okay, more like chair sashes and pomanders - but, it worked!

Things also got downright saucy! A cigar came into play at some point that makes its way into many shots. A lot of people were cursing that cigar the next morning...haha.

Oops! Looks like B-Fresh caught A & J trying to sneak a smooch!

All better now ;)

Mr. Quiche and I snuck in for a few saucy shots of our own...

I may have said this about other pictures from the weekend, but these really are some of my absolute favorite shots! I love all of the fun, silly poses struck by our friends and family. They make me smile!

The newly engaged couple also gets in on the action!

Philip gets in on the action with David!

This last one is probably my favorite of all the faux-to booth shots!

Picture overload, I know...but it was too hard to pick between all of the fabulous shots! This was one of the best decisions that we made. Are you having some kind of photo booth?

All of these fun, amazing shots, by Ashley Colhouer. :)

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